ON INVESTIGATIVE FINDINGS IN THE JUNE 18, 2008, ARRESTAND JUNE 29, 2008, DEATH OF DAVID WOODMAN Although seven months have passed, undoubtedly David’s family and friends continue to grieve his tragic death. The Boston Police Department, the officers and emergency personnel who responded that evening continue to carry with them a deep sense of sadness from this tragic incident. I would like to once again extend our most sincere condolences to the Woodman family. As promised, our department continues our efforts to provide the Woodman family and the David’s death. Today’s announcement brings us one step closer to concluding an exhaustive and multi-faceted investigation into this incident and review of the department’s policies and procedures. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Suffolk County District Attorney, prosecutors and Boston Police homicide investigators for their commitment and dedication to conducting an objective and fair review of the facts. With the completion of the criminal investigation, the Boston Police Internal Affairs division will now move toward concluding their administrative review to ensure that all department rules and regulations were properly adhered to. In addition to our internal review, I have requested an independent investigation into this matter that is underway by former U.S. Attorney Donald K. Stern. The department and the public will receive great benefit from Stern’s findings and recommendations. I’m confident that his analysis and feedback will play a critical role in determining what changes in policies and training the department should implement. The department continues to closely examine and strive to always improve upon matters related to planning, deployment, training and policy in preparation for large scale events. In August of 2008, I invited the Police Service of Northern Ireland to the Boston Police Department to observe and provide recommendations related to the management and operation of large scale events. There input was invaluable and resulted in the implementation of new elements aimed at enhancing public safety service provided during large gatherings. David’s death has forever changed the lives of those affected. It is devastating to the department and the City when a tragedy occurs on a night intended for celebration. The Boston Police Department is committed to developing comprehensive and careful strategies to ensure the public’s safety. It is our goal to consistently improve upon and enhance our efforts to provide the utmost professional, respectful and effective public safety services. As Police Commissioner, I will continue to take every step necessary to ensure we accomplish that goal. In closing, I’d like to once again express our deepest sympathy to David’s family and friends. And as pledged, we will continue to keep the Woodman family and the public informed related to the outcome of the Internal Affairs investigation and the findings provided by Donald Stern.