WHEN ASKED TO GO ... YOU SHOULD GOOn Sunday, May 11, 2009, officers from Area A-1 (Downtown) observed an individual looking into a plate glass window in the area of 150 Boylston Street. Upon closer inspection, it appeared to the officers that the individual was fondling his private region. Upon seeing the officers approaching, the suspect turned and quickly walked in the opposite direction. With assistance from Emerson College Public Safety Officers, officers were able to locate the suspect in a nearby doorway. When Boston Police officers approached, the suspect began to verbally disrespect and disparage the officers. When instructed to leave the area, the suspect, instead, chose to urinate on the building. While urinating on the building, the suspect continued to yell and scream profanities. Officers arrested Algia Benjamin, 47, of Boston and charged him with Open and Gross Lewdness. PASSING FUNNY MONEY LANDS ONE IN POLICE CUSTODY At about 2:12pm, on Sunday, May 10, 2009, officers from Area D-4 (South End) responded to a radio call for a male attempting to pass a fake $100.00 bill at the CVS Pharmacy located at 1249 Boylston Street. On arrival, officers spoke to CVS employees who stated that the suspect attempted to buy a money order in the amount of $100.00. Employees further stated that the suspect attempted to purchase the money order using a counterfeit or fake $100.00 bill. Using a counterfeit identifying marker, store employees were able to determine that the bill was a fake. Store employees further stated that the bill looked and felt phony. A search of the suspect enabled officers to locate and take possession of several additional counterfeit bills. Officers arrested Guillermo Vega Aponte, 28, of Boston and charged him with Uttering a False Document and Possession of Counterfeit Bills. MUCH TOO LATE FOR CHECK CASHING At about 1:43am, on Sunday, May 10, 2009, officers from Area C-6 (South Boston) received a radio call for an alarm at the Boston Check Cashier located at 1284 Mass Ave. While en route to the call, the radio dispatcher informed the officers that the alarm company was reporting hearing voices inside the store. On arrival, officers observed and noted that the store's front glass door and one window were broken. Officers observed shattered glass inside and outside the premise. Once inside the location, officers observed damage to various items (chairs, trash barrels, candy machines) and also observed droplets of blood on the floor. Officers spoke to witnesses who stated two individuals were seen exiting the store. Officers promptly broadcast descriptions of both suspects over the police radio. In short time, responding officers located and stopped two individuals who matched the description of the suspects. While speaking to one of the suspects, officers observed cuts and scratches to his elbows and shards of glass stuck to the bottom of his boots. While the suspects were being questioned, witnesses were brought to the scene for identification purposes. Upon seeing the suspects, witnesses were able to provide positive identifications. Officers arrested Carlos Mendez, 22, of Boston and Oscar Alonzo, 26, of Boston and charged both with Breaking & Entering and the Willful & Malicious Destruction of Property.