Man Arrested After Running Red Light in Stolen Vehicle and Lying to Officers about Traveling to Hospital to be with his sick wife.

On Saturday, August 22, 2009, at approximately 1:03am, officers assigned to Area A-1 (Downtown), observed a Grey Honda Accord pass through the red light at the intersection of Berkeley Street and Columbus Avenue. Officers activated their emergency lights and stopped the offending vehicle on Arlington Street.Officers engaged the male operator in conversation and requested his license and registration. He could not provide either and informed officers that he had just received a phone call from his sister who informed him that his wife was hospitalized and he was enroute to be with her. The officers found the operators story to be questionable but showed compassion and offered to escort him to the hospital. The operator’s story then changed and he refused the escort. The vehicle’s registration was then run through the registry of motor vehicles which showed the vehicle to be stolen out of Somerville. It was also discovered that the operator did not possess a license to operate a motor vehicle. The officers determined the suspect’s wife was not hospitalized for that was just a lie in order to avoid apprehension. Officers arrested Juan Torres, 35 of Boston on the charges of Receiving a Stolen Motor Vehicle and Operating a Motor Vehicle without a License. He was also issued a citation for the red light violation.