Victim Robbed While Sitting in Movie TheatreOn August 31, 2009, at approximately 10:22pm, a young male and female were sitting in a movie theater awaiting the start of a film when they were approached by two black males and a black female. One of the black males stated to the male victim, “Give me that chain that’s around your neck”. He also asked where the victim was from and stated, “Do they have a hood there”? The suspect placed his hand over his pocket and stated, “I know you have a phone too…don’t make me reach into my pocket”. This comment led the victim to believe the suspect was in possession of a weapon and was in fear he would be harmed if he didn’t comply with the suspects’ orders. The suspect was also holding a cane and held it in a menacing manner. The victim then handed over his belongings to the suspect. The victim exited the theater and phoned the police. Officers assigned to Area A-1 (downtown), responded to 164 Tremont Street to assist the victim. Upon their arrival, officers met with the victim who explained the series of events that had just taken place. A detailed description of the suspects was given and officers searched the theatre. Officers illuminated the theatre and located a male and female that fit the description given by the victims. The victim’s stolen property was located on both parties and the male suspect was positively identified. Officers arrested a black female juvenile (16), of Randolph on the charges of Juvenile Delinquency (t/w) – Receiving Stolen Property and a black male – Jeffrey Venter, (20), of Mattapan on the charges of Armed Robbery and Receiving Stolen Property.