POLICE ARREST ONE FOR DRIVING TO ENDANGERAt about 1:46am, on Tuesday, October 6, 2009, officers from Area D-4 (South End) were on patrol when they observed a motor vehicle, a GMC Envoy, strike a curb while travelling at a high rate of speed. Upon notifying the police dispatcher, officers learned that the motor vehicle had been involved in an earlier pursuit on Area B-2 (Roxbury). Upon learning this information, officers slowed their pursuit and proceeded to follow the motor vehicle from a safe distance. While following behind the car, officers also noted that the motor vehicle was travelling with multiple flat tires. In short time, ironically enough, the motor vehicle came to a stop in front of the Area D-4 police station. When the car came to a stop, officers observed the operator of the car exit the car and attempt to flee on foot. After a short foot pursuit, officers apprehended the operator of the motor vehicle. Officers arrested William McNeal, 44, of Boston and charged him with Receiving a Motor Vehicle, Driving to Endanger and Operating Without a License. POLICE ARREST ONE FOR URINATING IN PUBLIC At about 10:06pm, on Monday, October 5, 2009, an officer performing a paid detail in the area of the Boston Garden responded to a call for a disturbance on Accolon Way. Once there, the detail officer spoke to security personnel who were detaining a suspect. According to the victim, she was inside the building attending the KISS Concert when she felt a warm feeling on the back of her leg. As a result of the warm sensation, the victim says she turned around to observe an individual urinating on the back of her leg. At this time, the victim promptly alerted security personnel of the incident. Consequently, security personnel escorted the suspect from the building. Officers noted the suspect appeared to be highly intoxicated given his slurred speech and the odor of alcohol emanating from his person. Officers arrested and charged Chris Morris, 39, of Boston with Open & Gross Lewdness and Disorderly Person.