A Citizen Alert from District E-5 (West Roxbury/Roslindale)

A Message from Boston Police District E-5

On Monday March 29th 2010, six breaking and entering calls were dispatched to District E5 officers.  All of the calls were for motor vehicle break-ins reported in the area of Independence Dr. in West Roxbury.  The Community Service officers would like to urge residents to be vigilant.  Please read the safety tips below and spread the word to neighbors.  Doing so will help you and your neighborhood take the necessary steps to help decrease the likelihood of being victimized by this crime.

Incident Descriptions:

On Monday March 29th, 2010 at 2:02 p.m. officers from Area E5 received six radio calls to Independence Drive in West Roxbury for a Larceny in Progress.  All six victims reported hearing their car alarm go off and seeing 2 individuals in dark clothing flee from the area where their car was parked.  Officers observed all vehicles to have smashed windows.  Victims stated that items  such as: GPS systems, cell phone chargers, and an iPod Touch.  Officers searched the area to no avail,  

 Safety Tips:

Pay close attention to any out of the ordinary incidences occurring in your neighborhood.  If you hear a noise late at night we advise you to check out the situation discreetly.   If you discover that a crime or suspicious activity is occurring call 9-1-1 for police assistance.  Even if you aren’t sure what it might be—CALL!!  We would rather show up and have it be nothing then have someone fall victim to a crime.  Don’t try and scare them off yourself.  If the police are notified of the crime in progress they are then able to respond to the reported location.  If the criminals are unaware anyone has seen them and/or called the police then they will most likely still be in the area once police arrive.  If the criminals see you turn on a light, hear you yell, or hear an alarm they will flee the area making it difficult for police to apprehend them. 

Typically, in these particular types of crimes, one person or one group is responsible for related crimes that are occurring in the area.  Therefore, once caught, the particular crime will die down

Please go through the following checklist to ensure you are taking precautionary steps to keep your motor vehicle safe:

1)  Remove the ENTIRE GPS unit each time you leave your motor vehicle. This includes the window or dashboard mounting plate, along with the 12 volt plug-in adapter. We also recommend removing the suction cup mount and wiping off the impression marks left from the cup on the windshield.

2)  NEVER place a GPS unit in the glove box or trunk for storage. Carry them back & forth from your home or office for total security. We recommend purchasing a small inexpensive camera bag, which allows you to store and transport them perfectly and without causing damage.

3)  ANY and ALL items of value should be removed from plain view.  This includes loose change and items of ANY value which can cause a thief to forcibly enter your car in search of better items including all of the above.

4)  ALL electronic devices such as cell phones and GPS systems include a serial/ESN number.  COPY those numbers and KEEP them in a separate place in the event of theft.

5)  Report thefts as soon as possible to the police.  Please bring as much info as you have on your visit to the police station when reporting a theft.

6)  ALWAYS LOCK and park your motor vehicle in a well lit area if possible whether or not any valuables are left in the car.

7)  Please visit www.trace.com to register your valuables in a database along with visiting the Boston Police Department’s Crime Watch Unit at: www.BostonCrimeWatch.com for further tips.

8)  Please call 911 when you need police services or 800.494.TIPS to report crime anonymously or text "Tip" to CRIME (27463).

Contact Us:

You can help make your neighborhood safer. If you know anything about a crime that has happened, or a crime that could happen, call CrimeStoppers Tip Line at 1 (800) 494-TIPS or text the word ‘TIP’ to CRIME (27463). The Boston Police Department is interested only in your information, not your identity. Your tip is 100% anonymous.

 Please call the E-5 Community Service Office

@ 617.343.4564 if you have any questions or concerns.