Congratulations to 3rd Grader, Richard Scott, from the Tynan Elementary School!

Officers from C-6 honored 3rd grader Richard Scott for his kindness, compassion and willingness to assist a lost kindergarten student. Today (April 9, 2010) officers from Area C-6 (South Boston) honored Richard by presenting or awarding him with a certificate of appreciation at the Joseph Tynan Elementary School.

On Monday, March 29, 2010, a kindergarten student from the Tynan Elementary School in South Boston got lost after dismissal. A 3rd grader, Richard, on his way home, however, noted that the kindergarten student appeared to be out of sorts or in need of some sort of help. As a result, Richard approached the student and asked if everything was okay.

When he learned that the kindergarten student was lost, Richard knew enough to stay and remain with the student until he was able to wave down a police cruiser that was patrolling the area.  The Boston Police Department, so impressed by Richard's caring and compassion, felt it was only right to thank him in person, in front of  his teachers and fellow students. Thanks again, Richard!!!

To hear Richard in his own words and to see the story as it was told on Channel 4 (WBZ-TV) by reporter Alana Gomez, please click on the enclosed link below: