OUI Operator Crashes in Front of Court House

Yesterday afternoon around 3:30PM, a detective walking into Dorchester District Court located at 510 Washington Street heard a loud noise of a skidding motor vehicle followed by a loud crash. The detective then turned and observed a vehicle with serious front end damage stuck between two parked cars in front t of the court. The operator then attempted to drive away from the scene and after several failed attempts got out of the car and stumbled across the street using the buildings to help support himself so that he would not fall.

The detective then walked over to the operator and stated to him that he had just been in a car accident and whether he needed help. At this point, the detective clearly detected a strong odor of alcohol on the suspect’s breath and noticed that the suspect had bloodshot eyes and was very unsteady on his feet. The suspect, at this point, was directed to the corner of Washington and Dunlap Streets where he proceeded to unzip his pants and urinate on the sidewalk in full view of people exiting the court and passersby.

Additional units were requested when the suspect continued to try to walk away and due to his apparent high level of intoxication.  The suspect, Elhag O. Fadelesaid, 53, of Dorchester was so unsteady on his feet that he was unable to even attempt sobriety tests at the scene of the accident and he was consequently placed under arrest and charged with Operating under the Influence of Alcohol, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, and Indecent Exposure. The officers’ beliefs were further bolstered when the suspect admitted to having consumed a bottle of wine by himself in addition to the other signs of operating under the influence.

After the suspect was placed under arrest, officers found two other victims whose cars had been struck and damaged by the suspect before he crashed into the cars in front of the court bringing the total to six damaged cars.

The suspect will appear for arraignment at Dorchester District Court today, the scene of the crime.