Joint BPD and Transit PD Effort Nets Two Robbery Suspects

Last night around 11:32PM, officers from District E-13 (Jamaica Plain) arrested suspects, Neico Santos, 36 of East Boston and Mario Sanchez, 27 of Jamaica Plain and charged them with Unarmed Robbery.

Officers initially responded to 224 Centre St to help Transit police officers with a victim of a robbery. On arrival, officers spoke to the victim who was speaking to MBTA officers. The victim told officers that he was giving a friend a ride home and parked at 950 Parker Street to walk his friend into the building when he was approached initially by one suspect who grabbed him and punched him after demanding what he was doing in the area. The victim then stated that another male suspect approached him and also assaulted him. The victim was then beset by a number of suspects who punched and kicked him and stole his wallet.  

The victim was able to escape the assault and run to the Jackson Square MBTA station where he spoke with Transit police who then called Boston police. The victim, after speaking to officers stated that he thought that the group was still at the scene where they had attacked him and assaulted him. Officers then responded to the area of 950 Parker Street and there observed a group which was detained pending further investigation of the incident.

The suspect was placed in officers’ cruiser and positively identified the two above listed suspects as the two initial suspects that attacked him but was unable to identify the other individuals as he was beset by a number of people and could not see their faces.

Suspect Santos was additionally charged with Possession of Class E for prescription pills found in his pocket during the booking process.