Exchanging Numbers Leads to Robbery

About 11:01PM last night, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) arrested suspects, Joshua Grady, 19, of Roxbury and a 15-year old male juvenile from Roxbury and charged them with Unarmed Robbery.

Officers were alerted initially when they observed the two suspects running frantically into the Warren Gardens Development.  The suspects ran past officers at a high pace and jumped a 10’ fence with officers not knowing what had occurred. Officers encountered one of the suspects and stopped him to conduct a threshold inquiry.

While one officer was speaking to this male who had been observed running and jumping the fence, another officer in the area was flagged down by a victim of a robbery. The victim told officers that while walking near the intersection of Dale St. and Walnut Ave.  she was approached by a group of young males who engaged her in conversation. The victim further reported that she and one of the males agreed to exchange numbers and she started putting his number in her phone. While putting the number in her phone, two of the four males struggled with the victim and took her cell phone and fled with it.

Other officers in the area, having observed another group of males running in the area, stopped them for purposes of a threshold inquiry. The victim was brought to the location of the individual and the stopped group and positively identified two of the stopped males as the ones who took her cell phone.