Deodorant Leaves It Marks

Last night around 11:31PM, officers from District D-4 (South End) arrested suspect, Brian Dias, 36, of Boston and charged him Breaking and Entering a Motor Vehicle in the Nighttime, Receiving Stolen Property, Larceny from a Motor Vehicle over $250, Possession of Burglarious Tools, and Malicious Destruction of Property.

Officers responded to 285 Columbus Ave. for a possible breaking and entering in progress to a car. On arrival, officers observed the passenger side window of a car smashed with a broken bottle of cologne and what appeared to be a plastic cap to a deodorant.

Assisting officers were on Columbus Ave. in response to the same call when they observed the suspect. The suspect made eye contact with the officers, stopped and attempted to walk away from officers’ line of sight.  Officers stopped the suspect and noticed glittery substance consistent with fine shards of glass. When questioned about where he was coming from, the suspect lied about the streets he had taken before officers stopped him. During a pat frisk of the suspect, officers found him to be in possession of prescription medication and as such the suspect was arrested for this offense of Possession of Class E.

Subsequent to the suspect being placed under arrest, other officers responded and informed officers of what was taken from the car. Of particular note, officers noted that there was a bottle of cologne which was taken from the car and a stick of men’s deodorant. The stick of deodorant was found in the suspect’s pocket minus the cap which had been left at the scene.

The suspect, post Miranda warning, admitted to officers that he had broken into the car but had allegedly given a number of the items to an unknown male who walked away with them.