Drug Investigation Yields Large Sum of Cash and Drugs

Last night, Wednesday, June 23, 2010, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) Drug Control Unit arrested suspect, Jesse Bumbaca, 33, of Waltham and charged him with Trafficking Class B Drugs over 100 Grams, and Conspiracy to Violate the Drug Laws. Officers also arrested suspect, Marino Spirakis, 35 of Peabody and charged him with Conspiracy to Violate the Drug Laws and Possession of Class E Drugs.

The arrests were the result of an ongoing drug investigation for which officers responded to 88 Kingston Street in Boston yesterday around 7PM. Prior investigation had lead officers to identify the target of the investigation, namely suspect, Bumbaca and also identify the above listed address as a location from which the suspect was distributing /engaging in his drug business.

Officers set up surveillance on the above location and while there observed a car pull up in front of 88 Kingston Street and park in a no parking spot with its hazard lights on. A check of the car’s registration revealed that the owner of the car, Spirakis was also known to officers for being involved in the drug distribution business. Officers observed suspect, Bumbaca exit 88 Kingston St. carrying a black backpack and a box walk over to the driver side window of the car occupied by suspect, Spirakis and hand him the box and reenter 88 Kingston Street. Based on training and experience, prior investigation on this case, and what officers had just observed, they formed the belief that they had just observed a drug transaction.     

Officers followed the car being operated by Spirakis, a black Mercedes as it traveled onto 93 North then onto Route 1 as they radioed for a marked unit to assist in a traffic stop of the car. While those officers were following the Mercedes, officers back at 88 Kingston Street observed suspect, Bumbaca exit the underground garage in a Cadillac and also travel onto 93 North to Storrow Drive. Officers were able to with the assistance of a State Trooper stopped the car being driven by Bumbaca in the parking lot of the Regatta Hotel on Museum way in Cambridge.  Officers approached the Cadillac driven by Bumbaca and he appeared extremely nervous looking around him in all directions. Officers had a conversation with suspect, Bumbaca and he told officers that he had nothing on him or in the car that was illegal. During the traffic stop, officers found a black backpack containing over 950 Oxycodone pills and recovered over $8,000.00 from Bumbaca. The other officers following the car operated by Spirakis were able to stop his car on Route 1 in Revere with assistance of Mass. State Police troopers. During the traffic stop, Spirakis lied to officers as to where he was coming from but officers were able to find the black box that Bumbaca had been seen handing to him in front of 88 Kingston Street. Inside that box, officers discovered $52,000.00 and during further investigation also found a prescription pill, not belonging to Spirakis in his car.

Both suspects are expected to be arraigned at Boston Municipal court today, Thursday, June 24, 2010.