Witnesses, Good and Bad, Lead Officers to Armed Robbery Suspect

Yesterday evening around 7PM, officers from District A-7 (East Boston) arrested suspect, Joshua Pittocchelli, 28, of East Boston and charged him Attempted Armed Robbery and Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon.

Around 6:58PM, officers were dispatched to the Mobil Gas Station located at 470 Meridian Street for a person with a knife. En route, officers were updated that the incident was an armed robbery in which the suspect had fled down Border Street.

On arrival, offices spoke to the victim of the robbery who told officers that a tall white male wearing a tank top, blue shorts with a plastic wrapped around his armed and a bandana wrapped around his face just attempted to rob the store at knifepoint. The victim further explained that the suspect was stood outside the store for about ten minutes before he walked in and started asking customers for change. The suspect then walked up to the victim and pointed a knife at her and exclaimed, “Give me all the money!”  The victim then told the suspect, I am not giving you anything!” The suspect then fled the store down Border Street.

Officers then went outside and were approached by a witness who directed officers to 406 Meridian Street where the suspect was observed running into the front door.  At 406 Meridian Street, officers were allowed entry by a resident where they conducted a sweep of the hallways to no avail. While in the hallways, officers were approached by another resident who told officers that he had observed a male matching the suspect description run out the back door and jump over a fence onto Border Street.  This witness, while speaking to officers, was observed to be acting in a nervous manner with his hands shaking while holding his house keys.  This witness’ behavior and information received from the first witness lead officers to discredit his testimony about seeing the suspect jump over the fence in the back yard.

Officers then asked the second witness if they could look in his apartment and he consented. Officers responded to the witness’ apartment and upon entry observed an individual matching the suspect description sitting on a futon wearing a tank top and underwear sweating profusely and breathing heavily. The suspect was returned to the scene and positively identified as the person who attempted to rob the store at knifepoint. The suspect was then placed under arrest and charged with the above offenses.