Calling 911 under False Pretense Is Not a Good Idea

Early today around 12:05AM, officers from District C-11 (Dorchester) responded to 11 Victory Rd. for a report of an armed male attempting to gain entry into the caller’s apartment and threatening him.

Officers, based on the nature, responded to the call with lights and sirens and immediately made their way to the caller’s apartment.  At the apartment door, officers, with their weapons drawn, were met by the caller and who exclaimed, “There is no gun, I just wanted you guys here quicker!”  During conversation with the caller turned suspect, officers noted that he was intoxicated based on the smell of alcohol and his unsteady gait. The caller then went on to tell officers that he had called 911 who lives in another apartment because “…he bangs on his door and thinks that he owns the building!” The caller then went on to launch a number of racial epithets about his neighbor while pointing at his officers and yelling causing neighbors to come out their apartment.

Officers then directed the caller to lower his voice and told him to go back to his apartment. Officers, while walking out of the building, were flagged down by the some of the caller’s neighbors who informed officers that the caller is always drunk and causes a disturbance by banging on his ceiling and doors keeping his neighbors from “quiet enjoyment” of their apartments.  As officers were talking to the caller’s neighbors, they heard him screaming making a spectacle causing his neighbors to come out of their apartment. Officers then responded to the caller’s apartment and placed him under arrest for Disturbing the Peace.

The suspect, John M. Sullivan, 42 of Dorchester, was arrested and charged with Disturbing the Peace. The suspect, while being escorted to the cruiser threatened officers exclaiming, “Payback is a bitch mother%!#$, I’ll call the cops every day, you  &*%$! need a real job!”