Road Rage after Accident Lands Two in Jail

Around 5:00AM today, officers from District A-1 (Downtown Boston) were on patrol in the area of 500 Atlantic Ave. when they observed a car backing up at a high rate of speed. Officers then observed two occupants (one of whom was armed with a baseball bat) of the speeding car exit and begin to chase after a car that was behind them. Officers then observed one of the suspects throw the baseball bat at the car that was being chased as they approached the two cars. The bat landed almost directly in front of the officers’ cars as they made their way to further investigate. Even after the suspects had thrown the bat at the car behind them they continued towards the car and started yelling in a threatening manner.

Officers exited their cruiser and ordered the two suspects away from the car of the victim. Officers then spoke to both parties and learned that there had been a car accident between the two cars; the details of the car accident vary amongst the parties. The victim reported to officers that the suspects got out of their car and started swinging the bat at his car at which put him in fear and as a result he fled the scene.  The suspects however reported that the victim just fled the scene after backing up into their cars.

Based on the stories of the parties and what officers had observed, the occupants of the car that had been backing up were arrested. Suspect, Hector Esquilin Calderon, 21 of East Boston was arrested for Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon and Disturbing the Peace and Jean M. Mencia, 19 of East Boston was arrested and charged with Disturbing the Peace.