Persistence Pays Off

Last night around 6:00PM, officers from the District E-13 (Jamaica Plain) Drug Control Unit when in the area of the Walgreen’s Pharmacy located at the intersection of Columbus Ave. and Bragdon St. when they observed two males engaging in what appeared to be drug related activity. This belief was based on knowledge that this area is commonly used as a meeting place, on prior investigation/arrests and confidential information.  

Officers continued to monitor the two suspects and a short while later observed a third individual joined them.  Officers continued to monitor the group of three, and observed them make several phone calls, and interact in such a manner leading officers to believe that they were engaging in a drug transaction.  After watching these individuals for some time, officers stopped the three to further investigate and determined that they had no drugs but one possessed a substantial amount of money and admitted that they were not able to buy heroine because the individual they met would not sell any to them.

Officers released the group but continued to monitor their activities and as they made their way down Washington St. toward Forest Hills, they were overheard exclaiming, “We are going to get this (expletive)!”  After this exchange, a car pulled up and two members of the group got in the car continuing down Washington St. past Forest Hills MBTA station to the area of Weld Street where officers temporarily lost sight of them near the intersection of Wachusett St. and Weld Avenue.

After a short while, officers observed one of the suspects walking alone on Wachusett St. heading toward Walkhill Avenue.  Officers, at that time, observed the one suspect texting someone and a short while later a car drove up and picked him up. Officers continued surveillance of this vehicle with one of the suspects and observed it drive up to a house where the suspect entered with a backpack and come back out a short time later carrying a second backpack.  The suspect got in the car and the car drove off.

Officers, based on their initial observation from the first time that they stopped the suspects by the Walgreen’s, most recent observation, past training and experience believed that a drug transaction had taken place at the location where the suspect went in and came out a few minutes later. Officers followed the car and with the assistance of a marked unit stopped the car at the intersection of Cummins Hwy and Wood Avenue.  There, officers approached the car and confirmed that one of the four occupants was indeed the same suspect from the initial investigation at Walgreen’s on Washington Street.  Officers provide the suspect with Miranda warnings and questioned about whether or not he had any drugs in the bag. Officers asked him for consent to search the bag and he nodded hesitantly. Officers then looked in the bag and recovered a loaded semi-automatic firearm on the floor where the suspect had been sitting.

The suspect, Matthew R. Murray, 24, of Nantucket was arrested and charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition and Carrying a Loaded Firearm.