Two for One!!

Yesterday afternoon around 12:50PM, officers from District E-13 (Jamaica Plain) responded to 14 Ernst Street for a breaking and entering in progress.

On arrival, officers observed an individual in the driveway of 14 Ernst Street and immediately noted that he matched the suspect description of another breaking and entry that had occurred on Mozart Street the day before around 7:15PM. Officers detained this suspect and spoke to the caller who reported that he was in his apartment when he heard some loud banging and looked out to see the male standing in the driveway walking out of 14 Ernst Street followed by another suspect. The caller/witness further reported that he knows the person residing in 14 Ernst Street and knew that they were away on vacation. The witness reported that the second suspect exited the house with his hand inside his shirt and thinking that the second suspects may possibly be armed chased him nevertheless and observed him run into 4 Ernst Street. After chasing one of the two suspects, the witness returned to the house where he observed the other suspect again in the driveway. There, the witness questioned the suspect about what he was doing there and he responded that he came to see a friend.

Based on the information gathered from the witness, officers arrested suspect, Joshua Gonzalez, 17 of Jamaica Plain under arrest and charged him with Breaking and Entering in the Daytime and Malicious Destruction of Property.

The suspect, post arrest, was interviewed by detectives and admitted to investigators that he indeed had broken into 66 Mozart Street the day before  and fleeing when the victim came into that home. The suspect further confirmed that he ran into a local market after fleeing from the scene of the incident in keeping with the victim’s report to officers. The suspect was then additionally charged with another count of Breaking and Entering in the Daytime and Malicious Destruction of Property for damage caused to the property during the incident.