Arrested with a Pocket Full of Evidence

This morning around 3:00AM, officers from District C-6 (South Boston) responded to 20 Telegraph St. for a crime in progress.

En route, officers were advised that the suspect, a male wearing a dark colored shirt, had just broken into a car and fled on Mercer St. toward the Heights.  Officers arrived on the scene and within a short time observed a male walking up Gates St. wearing a black shirt. As officers neared the suspect, they observed him trying to open the door to various cars as he walked up the street.

Officers approached the suspect, and noticed that both his pockets were bulging and so full that officers could clearly see the objects in his pocket, which included a number of electronic devices. The suspect, after a brief conversation, appeared to officers to be intoxicated. Officers noted that the suspect had a GPS unit, four I-Pods, a cell phone, two watches and three sets of earphones. Officers asked the suspect where he had gotten all those items and he responded that one of the I-Pods were his and that he had found all the other devices on the street.

Further investigation revealed that the GPS had an address unknown to the suspect and the I-Pods had names of individuals unknown to the suspects. The suspect, a 16 year-old from South Boston was arrested and charged with Receiving Stolen Property and Attempted Breaking and Entering in the Nighttime.