About 12:54 am on August 30, 2010, officers from D14 (Allston/Brighton) were patrolling the area of Ashford Street near Chester Street. At that time, officers observed a large group in the street and on the sidewalk in front of 34 Ashford Street. Officers activated their cruiser lights and attempted to clear people off of the street. Officers observed a male, later identified as Robert Lilley, 19, of Brighton, drinking out of an open McDonald's cup. Officers asked the male to start heading home, at which point in time he dropped the cup on the sidewalk. When officers asked the male what was in the cup he refused to answer and continued to walk. Officers stopped the male and asked him to produce identification. Upon closer investigation, it was determined that Lilley was drinking an alcoholic beverage from the cup. The male stated that he did not have any identification on his person. A pat frisk revealed that the male had a wallet in his back pocket and that he did have a BU student identification card. Robert Lilley was placed under arrest for drinking in public (16-5.1) and person under 21 in possession of alcohol (138-34C).