Vigilant Samaritans Assist Officers Assigned to Polling Location

On September 14, 2010 at about 3:30pm, officers on assignment working the election polls at the Jackson Mann School were alerted by several election officials and concerned citizens who stated that they believed an Armed Robbery or altercation of some kind was taking place in front of the school where numerous children, staff members, voters and election representatives were present.

Officers immediately observed an unknown black male, 18-22 years-old, wearing black baseball cap, dark pants and shirt run by the school at full stride. An officer immediately notified operations of this incident and briefly pursued this subject on foot until several concerned citizens pointed to a second  suspect approaching officer’s direction at a high rate of speed on blue mountain bicycle. This suspect, wearing a blue football type jersey bearing the number 05, blue jeans and white sneakers, passed within two feet of the officers and fled onto Islington Rd.

Officers pursued this suspect as he continued onto Islington Road towards Ringers Park. At the same time, a second officer pursued the first suspect onto Brighton Ave where he discarded a black hat, dark grey shirt and a 4" silver butterfly type knife enabling him to make good his escape. A description and direction of flight was immediately broadcast. Numerous officers and investigative units responded and conducted a search of the area. Shortly thereafter, officers observed a black Hispanic male wearing a blue football type jersey with the numbers 05, blue jeans and white sneakers riding a blue mountain bike. This indiviual matched the description of one of the suspects.

When officers made eye contact with the suspect, the suspect immediately discarded the bicycle and a large brown and silver handle knife with a 6" blade and black sheath. The suspect then fled on foot into the rear of 32 Glenville Ave. Officers in full uniform and operating a marked cruiser exited their vehicle and pursued the suspect on foot. The suspect stumbled and fell, regained his footing and fell a second time in his haste to avoid apprehension. As officers approached, the suspect now sweating profusely and appearing visibly apprehensive, reached into his pocket to remove an unknown object.  As the suspect reached into his pocket, officers immediately believed the suspect was attempting to remove a weapon. Fearing immediate death or serious personal injury, officers ordered the suspect, at gunpoint, to remove his hand from his pocket at a distance of 10-15 feet. At this point the suspect regained his balance, turned away from officers and withdrew a silver-colored firearm from his pocket. The suspect then repositioned his body and began to make an outwardly menacing gesture by raising the firearm shoulder high in the direction of an officer. The suspect then proceeded to make a sudden and evasive motion by swinging his right-gunned hand in the opposite direction of the officers. The suspect then threw the firearm up in the air landing behind him.

Officers immediately placed the suspect later identified as one Darryl Barboza, 28, of Allston under arrest. A fully loaded and chambered silver-colored.25 caliber firearm with a pearl colored handled was located a short distance away. Barboza was charged with for Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, Unlawful Possession of a Dangerous Weapon and Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon (gun).

During the booking search the suspect was found to be in possession of one clear plastic bag containing a green herbal substance believed to be marijuana. This substance, as well as a blue football type shirt bearing the numbers 05, was seized as evidence along with the blue bicycle.

Several witnesses interviewed at the scene indicated that two additional suspects described as white Hispanic males may have been involved in this incident but fled the scene towards the Hano Street. Although the initial call came in as an armed robbery, officers were unable to locate a victim or confirm the original call.

This investigation is ongoing.