Citizen Alert for District A-7 (East Boston): Crime Summary

A-7 Crime Summary for September 23, 2010

(Incident) Vandalism

(Location) 215-227 Princeton Street

(Time of Occurrence) Overnight

Multiple vehicles were vandalized overnight at the above location.

(Incident) Drug Arrest

(Location) Brooks & White Streets

(Time of Occurrence) 4:25pm

As a result of a motor vehicle stop the suspect was placed under arrest and charged with possession of Class A Heroin with intent to distribute within 1000ft of a school zone. Several bags of heroin and $21,000 dollars in US currency were recovered.

(Suspect) Emmanuel Perez a 29 year old Hispanic male of Chelsea MA

A-7 Crime Summary for September 24, 2010

(Incident) Licensed Premise Violation

(Location) 276 Bennington Street

(Time of Occurrence) 1:38am

District Seven Supervisors responded to the Cosmopolitan Lounge and found it to be severely overcrowded. A violation was issued and the establishment was closed for the evening.

Nothing to report for September 25, 2010

A-7 Crime Summary for September 26, 2010

(Incident) Assault & Battery on a Police Officer

(Location) 615 Bennington Street

(Time of Occurrence) 11:35pm

Officers responding to a report of a large crowd leaving a loud party were attacked & assaulted by several males. Several downtown District 1 & District 7 units were forced to respond to an officer in trouble call. Several adult and juvenile males were placed under arrest and charged with assault & battery on police officer, disorderly conduct and aiding in the escape of a prisoner under lawful custody. The person in charge of the party was cited for an unlicensed, unpermitted after hour’s party.