Anonymous Community Complaint Leads to Arrest of Two for Drug Trafficking

Yesterday around 2:50PM, officers assigned to the District B-2 (Roxbury) Drug Control Unit (DCU) received an anonymous call stating that drug activity had been taking place at 26 Irwin Ave. for several weeks. The caller went on to provide the extent of the activity and the description of two suspects who are engaged in the drug activity. In addition, the anonymous caller stated that the two suspects live elsewhere and that they just use the apartment to cook cocaine.

Members of the B-2 DCU responded to the address and set up surveillance of the address to confirm the reported activity. Within a short time of setting up surveillance, officers received another call from the anonymous caller who provided officers the registration number to the two suspected drug dealer’s car. Officers, having received this information, further investigated and determined that there was likelihood that this car was linked to the reported drug dealing.

Around 1:50AM, officers while still conducting surveillance, observed a trash truck come down the street and at about this time, officers saw the two described suspects come out of the door of the building and one run behind the trash truck and throw a ball sized plastic object  in the truck while the other held the door open.  Officers, based on experience, know that individuals involved in drug dealing/packaging/processing will often not discard of evidence in their personal trash bins and so discard of evidence directly in the trash trucks. Shortly after throwing the plastic ball in the house, both suspects re-entered the building and closed the door behind them.

Later in the day around 4PM, officers observed the two parties exit the building and enter the car that they had been provided the registration. At this time, based on the information received from the anonymous caller, independent research/investigation and observations, officers believed that the two suspects were indeed involved in drug activity. The car pulled off and DCU officers requested that a marked police car perform a traffic stop of the suspects’ car. The car was stopped at the intersection of East Cottage and Dudley Streets where a detective from the DCU approached the car. At the car, the officer immediately observed that front passenger had a bag of marijuana in his hands. The operator of the car was visibly nervous and when questioned about where he was coming from stated that he had just come from his house in Chelsea. When asked if he had stopped anywhere, the suspect operator told officers that he had just been driving around trying to get some weed and had made no other stops in Boston.

The operator and passenger were asked to step out of the car to conduct a search and while conducting the search a large bulge was felt in the both suspect’s buttocks area. Upon shaking the suspects’ clothing, several bags of cocaine in crack form and powdered form fell from their clothing. Sixty one (61) grams of cocaine was recovered from the driver and thirty-five (35) grams from the operator.

Suspects, Hyhad Jaber, 20, of Braintree and Jeffrey Alicea, 27, of Chelsea were arrested and charged with Trafficking Class B, 28-99 Grams and Trafficking Class B Drugs, 28-99 Grams within 1000’ of a School Zone.