No! You Are Not All Set if You Are Driving Drunk!

This morning around 2:16AM, officers from District D-4 (South End) arrested suspect, Carmina L. Castillo, 27 of Hyde Park and charged her with Operating under the Influence of Alcohol.

The suspect was brought to officers’ attention when they observed her park her car in the middle of Hammond Street and walk away leaving it in the middle of the street for approximately two minutes. During this time, the flow of traffic was completely impeded causing gridlock at the intersection of Tremont and Hammond Streets.

The suspect returned short time later and was asked by officers why she had left her car parked in the middle of the street at which time she stated to officers, “I’m all set, don’t worry about it! I’m doing you a favor.”  The officer then directed the suspect to pull over several times and she repeatedly answered the officers’ request by stating to officers, “No! I am all set.” The victim kept driving until officers activated their lights and sirens and stopped her on Warwick Street.  At the traffic stop, officers asked the suspect why she had not pulled over and she stated to officers, “Why? What did I do?”  Officers then requested of the suspect her license and registration and asked where she was coming from. The suspect stated to officers that she was coming from Slade’s Bar and Grill. Officers, while conversing with the suspect, smelled a strong odor of alcohol and asked her if she had been drinking. The suspect replied telling officers, “Yeah! I had three drinks but I was with my brother. Trust me, I’m all set!” Officers continued to converse with the suspect and as they did so the suspect became increasingly agitated and belligerent.

Officers asked the suspect to exit her car to further investigate by having the suspect submit to some field sobriety tests. The suspect failed all the tests given to her all the while laughing and giggling. Officers formed the opinion that the suspect was operating under the influence of alcohol after she failed all the tests given to her and based on statements of the suspect and her behavior.