Suspect Arrested for Drug Trafficking after Controlled Delivery/Pick-UP

 This morning members of the District A-1 Drug Control Unit along with members of the Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) and State Police initiated an investigation into a package that was believed to contain drugs due to be picked up at the FedEx/Kinko’s Store located at 10 Post Office Square in Boston.

 This investigation was initiated after officers received information that a package delivered via Federal Express contained a large amount of drugs secreted within children’s toys. Officers responded to Federal Express and confirmed that the package indeed contained a substantial amount of drugs secreted within a number of children’s coloring books, and plastic baby toys. Having confirmed the contents of the package, officers then resealed the contents and packaged it for the purpose of a controlled delivery to FedEx/Kinko’s where the addressee was to pick up the package.

 At approximately 10:25AM, the package was scanned in as “delivered” at the FedEx/Kinko’s Store located at 10 Post Office Square and left behind the counter for the addressee to pick it up. Around 11:20AM, a male entered the store and identified himself as the addressee and signed for the package and walked out of the store with the package in hand. Officers, on surveillance in the store, immediately notified other officers outside who followed the suspect and stopped him at the intersection of Congress and water Streets.

 Once stopped, the suspect was placed under arrest and the package seized from him. Search incident to lawful arrest allowed officers to recover two plastic bags from the suspect’s pant pocket. In those two plastic bags, officers recovered twenty-one (21) 30 Mg. Oxycodone pills and twenty-five (25) 80 Mg. Oxycontin pills. In addition to those items, officers also recovered the receipt for the package that the suspect picked up from FedEx/Kinko’s along with, a small amount of cash and his cell phone.

 Officers after seizing the package from the suspect determined that it contained close to two thousand (2,000) Oxycodone pills and thirty (30) Alprazolam tablets.  The suspect, Gregory J. Horan, 30, of Hyde Park was arrested and charged with Trafficking Class B (100-200 grams), Trafficking Class B within a 1,000’ of a School Zone, Possession with Intent to Distribute Class C and Possession with Intent to Distribute Class C within a 1,000’ of a School Zone.