Suspicious Activity Leads to Arrest of Stolen Car Suspect

About 2AM on Sunday, December 5, officers from District C-11 (Dorchester) arrested suspect, Lynette M. Franciose, 41 of Natick and charged her with Receiving Stolen Motor Vehicle and Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Suspended License.

The arrest came about after an officer on patrol in the area of Greenwich and Duncan Streets observed a group of people suspiciously walking away from a Dodge Caravan paying close attention to the police cruiser as it drove by.  Based on the behavior of the individuals, the officer circled the block, broadcast the description of the car and queried the van which subsequently came back as having been reported stolen.

Officers, working in plain-clothes in an unmarked car then responded to the location of the car to conduct surveillance on the car.  After a few minutes, the suspect got into the car and started driving away. Officers followed the car and successfully boxed the car in at the intersection of Adams and Bowdoin Streets to avoid the suspects from trying to flee.   As soon as officers were able to effect a stop of the car, the suspect jumped out of the car and exclaimed to officers, “I have the key!” while holding it up in the air.

After placing the suspect under arrest for the above offense, officers noted that despite the fact that the suspect had the keys, the driver side window of the car was broken and the shattered glass was all over the floor of the car.

Once placed under arrest for the stolen car, officers also discovered that the suspect’s license to operate a car was suspended.