On Tuesday December 7, 2010 at approximately 1:00am, Officers responded to a radio call for a break and entry in progress at 10 Park View Street, Roxbury. The suspect description was broadcast as a dark, heavy set figure that fled toward Seaver Street. Officers responded to the immediate area, while several other officers responded to the incident address. While in the vicinity of Seaver Street and Harold Street, Officers observed two (2) black males and one (1) black female walking from the direction of Park View Street. The two (2) black males were wearing black, baggy winter coats and were observed approximately one (1) block from the original break and entry call. The female was wearing a short sleeve shirt. Suspect #1, Antoine Lewis, wore his black, baggy jacket unzipped, and Officers noticed a "dip" on the right side of the coat, consistent with something heavy being contained inside the pocket. Suspect #2 wore his jacket zipped up to his neckline. Officers both have training in the U.S. Secret Service's "Characteristics of the Armed Individual".

Officers exited their marked police cruiser and began to approach the three (3) individuals described above. Officers further observed Suspect #1 (Lewis) to take two (2) steps away from officers and blade the right side of his body away from Officers. Officer stated "hold up a second, we have a call in the area and need to talk to you." One Officer approached Suspect #1 (Lewis) and another Officer approached suspect #2 and each suspect was instructed to stop and take their hands out of their pockets. As Officer attempted to pat frisk Suspect #1 (Lewis), the suspect "stiffened" his right arm right and pulled it close to his right side. Officer demanded Suspect #1 raise his hands, and the suspect briefly complied. As Officer attempted to perform a frisk for weapons, Suspect #1 immediately dropped his right hand to toward his right hip area and tried to crouch away. Fearing Suspect #1 was in possession of a dangerous weapon, Officer grabbed Suspect #1's left arm in an effort to gain control of him. Suspect #1 attempted to run away from the Officer, resulting in a brief struggle.

While Officer was attempting to keep Suspect #1's (Lewis) hands away from his (suspect's) body, Suspect #1 made a continuous effort to reach for his right side. After a brief struggle, Suspect #1 was placed in handcuffs. As Officer frisked Suspect #1, he felt a hard, metal weighted object in the shape of a semi-automatic handgun in Suspect #1's right coat pocket. Further inspection revealed a loaded firearm in the "cocked" position.

Antoine Lewis, 21, of Randolph was arrested and transported to B-2 where he was booked and charged with Carrying a Firearm without a License, Possession of Ammo w/o an FID card, 269-10 (n) Carrying a Loaded Firearm and 269-10G(a) Armed career Criminal, Level 1.

The other two suspects were released.