Good Samaritan Comes to the Aid of Officers

Early this morning around 12:48AM, officers from District A-1 (Downtown Boston) arrested suspect, Steven L. Shea, 42 of Randolph and charged him with Breaking and Entering in the Nighttime.

Officers initially responded to the area of Elm St. for two white males looking into cars with flashlights. Officers, as they neared the scene, turned off their cruiser headlights and observed two males, one inside the car and the other standing outside shining a flashlight into the car. The two males took off running as soon as they saw officers and officers pursued the two. After a lengthy pursuit, officers cornered suspect Shea and took him to the ground in an effort to handcuff him. The suspect, who still had a flashlight in his hand, violently fought with officers until they were assisted by a Good Samaritan who assisted officers in securing the suspect. Once placed in custody.  The suspect exclaimed to officers after he was placed under arrest, “I didn’t break into it, it was unlocked!”

In the process of securing suspect Shea, the other suspect was able to make good his escape. Officers returned to the car and observed items strewn all about the car.