Trying to Swallow Heroin...Not a Good Thing!

Yesterday evening around 5:24PM, officers from District B-3 (Mattapan) arrested suspect, Michael Crotty, 28 of Quincy and charged him with Possession of Class A, Possession with Intent to Distribute Class A, and Possession with Intent to Distribute Class A within 1,000’ of a School Zone. Officers were on patrol in the area of Glenway St. in Dorchester when they queried a car that turned out to have an invalid inspection sticker. Officers followed the car and conducted a traffic stop at the intersection of Columbia Rd. and Seaver Street. At the traffic stop, officers observed the suspect put his hand to his mouth and immediately start to drink from a bottle of soda. Right after observing this, officers observed a syringe in the suspect’s lap and observed him to appear to be extremely uncomfortable continuously rubbing his throat. Officers, based on training and experience, believed that the suspect had just ingested some drugs in order to avoid arrest. The suspect was removed from the car immediately started trying to pull away from officers. A brief struggle ensued  during which the suspect spit out a medium size bag containing several smaller individually wrapped bags later identified as 14 bags of heroin.

The suspect was then placed under arrest and the other two occupants of the car summonsed for Knowingly Being Present Where Heroin Is Kept. Being