Officers at the Right Place at the Right Time Lands Robbery Suspect in Jail

Yesterday evening around 6:24PM, officers from District E-13 responded to 3064 Washington Street in Roxbury for a panic alarm. It should be noted that at the time of the alarm officers were parked in an unmarked car outside the location of the call. One officer went in the store through the front door while a second officer went in through the rear door. The officer that went through the front door upon entering the store immediately spoke to a store employee/victim who told him that the suspect was still in the store. The suspect was then secured by officers while the victim elaborated on what happened. The victim went on to tell officers that the suspect walked into the store and leaned over the counter and demanded that the victim give him all the money in the cash register multiple times exclaiming, “Empty all the money out of the drawer now!!” The victim responded by saying to the suspect, “are you serious?”  The suspect then replied by again exclaiming, “Empty all the money out of the drawer or you will see what happens!” At this time, the victim, fearing for her safety pressed the panic button and police arrived within seconds.

The suspect, David Delacruz, 23 of Mission Hill was arrested and charged with Unarmed Robbery.