Tool Time Turns into Jail Time for One South End Suspect

At about 12:55pm, on Friday, April 29, 2011, an officer performing a paid detail in the area of Newbury and Fairfield Streets was approached by a concerned citizen who stated that an individual had just approached him in an attempt to sell him a bag of tools that appeared not to belong to him. The detail officer promptly broadcast a description of the suspect over the police radio. In short time, officers were able to locate an individual who looked like the suspect. While questioning the suspect about his desire to sell the tools, officers were approached by a second individual who stated that the bag of tools belonged to him. According to the victim, he was doing work at a restaurant in the area and he left his tools at the worksite when he took his lunch break. The victim further states that the tools were gone when he returned from lunch. The victim was able to positively the tools in the bag without having to look in the bag first. The tools were returned to the victim.  Officers arrested Nadir Ali, 34, of Boston and charged him with Receiving Stolen Property (Over $250.00) and Larceny from a Building.