Car B&E Suspects Arrested

Around 3:59AM this morning, officers from District C-6 (South Boston) responded to the 22 Margaret St in South Boston for two black males trying to steal wheels from a car. On arrival, officers observed two suspects standing next to a Mini Cooper with the right rear tire missing, with one next to the driver’s door and the other next to the passenger side door. Both suspects fled as officers pulled up to their location but were caught and detained after a short pursuit.

Officers then spoke to the caller/witness who told officers that he was awakened by a loud noise and looked out his window and saw the two suspects using a four way lug wrench taking the tires off of the Mini Cooper which he knew did not belong to the suspects as it belonged to a neighbor. Officers were able to find a lug nut from the car in one of the suspect’s pockets. Officers then additionally found the suspects’ car a few feet from the Mini Cooper and inside that car, three tires and five lug nuts.

The two suspects, Samuel E. Oquendo, 29, of Roxbury and David C. Williams, 26 of Dorchester were arrested and charged with Larceny from a Motor Vehicle and Receiving Stolen Property.