Disoriented B&E Suspect Arrested

Yesterday morning around 7:28AM, officers from District C-6 (South Boston) responded to 212 West  9th Street for an investigate person call. On arrival, officers spoke to the caller/victim who reported that when he woke up this morning, he observed an unknown white male sleeping on his couch. The victim stated that he yelled at the suspect to get out but the suspect just looked at him, rolled over and went to back to sleep.

Officers went inside the apartment and there spoke with the suspect who was wearing a white t-shirt, black boxers, and no shoes, no pants or jacket. Officers asked the suspect where he lived and he responded “here.” Officers asked the suspect where “here” was and he provided officers with several different addresses. Officers then asked the suspect what his profession was and he responded, “26 ounce steak.”  Officers then requested EMS respond to their location for an evaluation of the suspect but nothing requiring transport was found with the suspect.  Officers eventually found some pants belonging to the suspect and subsequently were able to ascertain his identity but no pants or shoes were found.

The victim inspected his house but found nothing missing nor any damage to his house. The suspect, David Lightboy, 34 of South Boston was arrested and charged with Unarmed Breaking and Entering in the Night.