Falling Asleep Behind the Wheel of a Motor Vehicle Lands One Behind Bars

At about 2:54am, on Monday, May 30, 2011, officers from Area E-5 (West Roxbury) responded to a radio call to investigate a person asleep in a car at the corner of New Park Ave and W. Roxbury Parkway in Roslindale. On arrival, officers observed a motor vehicle with the engine running and the operator of the car slumped behind the wheel either asleep or unconscious. Officers promptly attempted to wake the driver by banging and knocking on the car windows. After about five minutes, the operator awoke and unlocked the car doors.  Once awake, the operator was quickly removed from the motor vehicle. While officers were in the process of helping the operator out of the car, the operator began to verbally disparage and disrespect the officers. Moreover, officers picked up on and were able to detect a strong odor of alcohol emanating from operator. Suspect took and failed a breathalyzer test.

Officers arrested Francis Krusz, 25, of Dedham and charged him with Operating Under the Influence.