Great Work Recognized on District D-14 in Allston/Brighton

Seen in the photo: Don Lee, Wilie Dupree. Don Kehoe, Captain Lanchester, Councilor Ciommo

On Tuesday, February 12, 2014, Captain Wayne Lanchester of District D-14 (Brighton), along with District City Councilor Mark Ciommo, presented Donald Kehoe of the Boston Transportation Department’s Sign Shop with an appreciation award on behalf of the Allston & Brighton Community. According to the officers at District D-14, Mr. Kehoe has been absolutely instrumental in making sure that the streets in Allston/Brighton are properly designated and marked with the appropriate street sign. Said Community Service Sergeant Mike O’Hara, "Don’s been a huge help and is highly deserving of this award. We get complaints all the time about missing street signs and Don’s our go-to-guy for making sure they get replaced.” Last year alone, the BTD replaced over 1,000 street signs throughout the Allston/Brighton community. Thanks again to Don and members of his team: Investigators Paul Lee and Willie Dupree.