Neighborhood Watch - Watching Out for You!!!

Police Commissioner William Evans was recently spotted visiting with one of the city’s many Neighborhood Watch groups. Commissioner Evans stopped by to visit and catch up with the members of the ROC (Redefining Our Community) Watch group in Mattapan. Said Commissioner Evans, “I just wanted to stop by and thank the folks there for all that they do to keep our city safe.”

Launched in 1985, Neighborhood Watch has helped hundreds of watch groups get started or involved in the process that enables community members to make our city a safer place by simply getting to know our neighbors. Sounds easy? It is. Neighborhood Watch performs and plays a vital role working in conjunction with the Boston Police Department to deter crime and reduce fear in our city. The mission is clear. We want to develop and maintain crime watch groups in every neighborhood in Boston.

If you or a friend are interested in attending or starting a Neighborhood Watch group, please contact (617) 343-4345 or drop us an email at: