Daily Dose of Great Police Work: Four Arrested for Breaking and Entering in Roxbury


At about 1:10 PM on Friday, February 28, 2014, officers assigned to District B-2 (Roxbury) responded to a radio call for a breaking and entering in progress in the area of 31 Maywood Street.

While en route to that address, officers received a description of 4 suspects all wearing hooded sweatshirts: one bright red, one gray, one navy, and one wearing a leather jacket.  The caller reported he observed the males lurking around a house at the above address, and then they disappeared and emerged carrying a television from a side door of the residence.  The caller stated he observed the males throw the TV over a fence and flee the scene.

As officers approached the area, they observed two males jump over the fence near the rear of 33 Maywood Street and run through the back yards of Maywood.  The officers broadcast the suspects’ descriptions and direction of flight.  Moments later, another officer in the area of 34 Quincy Street stopped a male wearing a red hoodie who appeared to be winded and out-of-breath.  An officer performing a detail in the area observed a male wearing a gray sweatshirt running on Gaston Street and was able to detain him.  A third officer was able to stop two males near 221 Blue Hill Avenue, one with a leather jacket and another with a dark hooded sweatshirt.

Investigation of the residence in the area of 31 Maywood revealed that a rear window had been breached and the side door left open.  Officers observed a missing TV from the television stand.  The television was recovered outside in a nearby yard.  All four males were positively identified as the suspects.  Other evidence was collected at the scene linking the suspects to the crime.

Three juveniles known to the Commonwealth and 21-year-old James Patton of Dorchester were arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering a Dwelling in the Daytime.