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The issue of homeless persons is one that exists not only in the City of Boston, but throughout the Commonwealth and the nation. It is the policy of the Boston Police Department that no person, regardless of his or her means, be forced to spend the nighttime hours on the street during the winter months.  Boston police officers are dedicated to closely monitoring their areas of patrol to identify and transport to a shelter facility any person who is without shelter. If you or someone you know is in need of shelter from the winter elements, please contact 911 or one of the following shelters:

  • Woods Mullen Shelter: (617) 534-7100, 794 Mass Ave, South End.
  • Pine Street Inn: Women’s Inn (617) 892-9321, 363 Albany Street, South End; Men’s Inn (617) 892-9207, 444 Harrison Avenue, South End.
  • Shattuck Shelter: (617) 892-7917, Lemuel Shattuck Hospital Campus, 170 Morton Street, Jamaica Plain.
  • Night Center: (617) 788-1001, 31 Bowker Street, Boston.
  • United Homes/Pilgrim Church Shelter: (617) 265-4515, 540 Columbia Road, Dorchester.
  • New England Center for Homeless Veterans: (617) 371-1800, 17 Court Street, Boston.
  • Emergency Shelter Commission: (617) 534-2710