Daily Dose of Great Police Work: An Eagle Eye Leads to Arrest of Three Suspects after Armed Robbery in the South End


At about 1:57 AM on Saturday, January 10, 2015, officers from District D-4 (South End) responded to a radio call for a robbery in the area of Beacon and Exeter Streets in the Back Bay.

While en route, officers were provided the description of three suspects via their police radios. Officers observed a group of males fitting the suspects' descriptions on Clarendon Street turning onto Beacon Street. Officers quickly detained the group to conduct an inquiry. Additional officers continued on to the area of Exeter Street and Beacon Street were they met with a female victim. Officers were informed that the victim was walking to her home when she heard footsteps run up behind her.  The victim was then pushed to the ground, and three males ripped her purse containing cash, a Blackberry cell phone, credit cards, and personal papers from her and fled.  

Officers escorted the victim to the location of the suspects to conduct the identification process. Upon seeing the suspects, the victim became visibly shaken and upset. After further investigation, officers found a Blackberry cell phone in one of the suspect's pockets. Officers dialed the victim's phone number, and the phone found in the possession of the suspect rang. A search of the suspects allowed officers to recover several personal papers in the victim’s name, US currency in the denominations the victim reported were stolen from her, and a Smith and Wesson Extreme Ops folding knife.

Officers arrested 23-year-old Jean Noel of Roslindale, 19-year-old Stanley Alphonse of Hyde Park, and 20-year-old Marcus Beauchamp of Mattapan and charged them with Armed Robbery. Noel received additional charges for outstanding warrants out of Dedham District Court.