One Less Gun: Boston Police Officers Recover Four Guns in Less than Four Hours, Arrest 3 Suspects


Due to the diligent investigative work of officers across the city, Boston police were able to arrest three suspects and recover four illegal firearms in two separate incidents in less than four hours this evening. The facts and circumstances of the incidents are as follows:

At about 4:00 PM on Tuesday, January 6, 2015, officers received information regarding a probation violation in the area of 15 Ruggles Street. Officers were informed by the probation department electronic monitoring center that earlier on the above date a defendant in a shooting incident that occurred on June 29, 2014 in the area of 15 Ruggles Street was released from custody on bail. The officers were further notified that, according to the defendant’s GPS monitoring device, the defendant, 18-year-old Dion Ruiz of Boston, was currently at the location of the previous crime scene and was in direct violation of his terms of release. Officers responded to the above location, observed Ruiz in the company of a juvenile male, and placed Ruiz under arrest. After a brief foot chase, the juvenile male was found to be in possession of a firearm and was also arrested.

In an unrelated incident at approximately 7:40 PM the same evening, officers arrested one suspect and recovered three firearms in a call for shots fired in the area of Wilcock and Morton Streets in Dorchester. There were no injuries reported in this incident.