23 Year Old Cold Case Solved: Indictment Reached in 1992 South End Murder

At a 3:00 PM press conference today, Thursday October 1, 2015, Commissioner William Evans and District Attorney Daniel Conley announced that a 23 year old cold case had been solved.  Yesterday, a Grand Jury returned an indictment against James Witkowski, 43, of Dorchester, for the 1992 murder of Lena Bruce in her South End apartment.  The suspect was already in custody on an unrelated charge when investigators received a positive DNA match to evidence which had been preserved at the crime scene decades earlier.  District Attorney Conley stated “Even years after her death, generations of investigators continued to appeal to the public and sift through the evidence for anything that would identify her killer.” Commissioner Evans reflected on the tragic loss of a young woman who had so much ahead of her and thanked the tireless efforts of his investigators,  “We never forget a case.  We never forget a family.”