A Remarkable Legacy of Caring about Cops, Firefighters and the Families of Those Lost in the Line of Duty

A Remarkable Legacy of Caring about Cops, Firefighters and the Families of Those Lost in the Line of Duty: Mention the name Norman Knight to any police officer or firefighter in the city of Boston, or, for that matter Massachusetts, and the response will undoubtedly be one of deep admiration and gratitude. Put simply, cops and firefighters care about Norman Knight because Norman Knight cared about them. So much so that he created an organization, the Hundred Club of Mass, specifically designed to support the families of first responders coping with the loss of a loved one killed in the line of duty. If a cop or firefighter was killed in the line of duty, Norman Knight wanted to be there to support the families. And, over the past 56 years, he’s done that and then some more. Over the years, support has come in many forms including monetary gifts, scholarships, counseling, tuition, Christmas presents, summer camps and tickets to just about any event you can imagine. Norman had the upmost respect and admiration for those willing to risk their lives while protecting and serving others and, because of that respect and admiration,  he felt an obligation to look out for their families in the event of tragedy. Said Knight, “Firefighters and police officers take an oath to protect the public they serve at all costs. When the unthinkable happens to firefighters and police officers is when the Hundred Club is there to help.” In October of 2010, the BPD named its Media Room in honor of Norman Knight. Today, Norman stepped down as chairman of the organization that enabled him to help so many. So, on behalf of police officers and firefighters across the state, we at the BPD say: “Thank you, Norman. Your generosity, kindness and compassion will never be forgotten.” To learn more about the The Hundred Club of Mass – please click on the link below: 100clubmass.org