Thank You for Thanking Us: A Grateful Grandmother Expresses Her Graditude to Boston's Finest

Thank You for Thanking Us: We recently received the enclosed email and photos from a grateful grandmother who wanted to express and pass along her appreciation to the officer seen in the photos for taking the time to engage her grandson.

In the email, the grandmother shared the following: “I just wanted to thank this officer and his partner for being so nice to my grandson at Castle Island on October 7. We were eating our lunch and my grandson saw the officers and wanted to say hello. So, I walked him over and your officers were awesome! In fact, one officer gave him a BPD patch that led to a smile on a little boy’s face that would melt your heart! And, then, when one of the officers saw him looking longingly at his motorcycle, he came right over and asked my grandson if he wanted to sit on the bike and, of course, there was no doubt and a big, “YES!” quickly followed. Please thank these officers for us.”

Consider it done. And, thank you for taking the time to thank us. It certainly means a lot. We're so proud of the work our officers do day-in and day-out to keep our city safe and moments like the one captured in the photo show just how big-hearted, caring and compassionate our men and women are.