Daily Dose of Great Police Work: Quick Acting BPD Officers Help Avert Tragedy on MBTA Bus in Dorchester


Quick Acting BPD Officers Help Avert Tragedy on MBTA Bus in Dorchester: At about 12:30 PM on Wednesday, November 11, 2015, an officer working a construction detail in the area of Columbia Road and Stoughton Street in Dorchester was alerted by an MBTA bus driver of a passenger on his bus threatening to harm himself while holding a hatchet to his neck. After calling for back-up, the officer promptly boarded the bus and observed a heavy-set, white male, who appeared to be in his fifties holding a hatchet to his neck. The officer quickly engaged the individual in conversation and began talking to him in an effort to de-escalate the situation by encouraging the individual to drop the weapon. While attempting to calm the individual, the individual stated that he was a veteran. Upon hearing that, one of the officers respectfully responded, “Thank you for your service.” Upon hearing the compliment, the individual dropped the hatchet and, ultimately, walked off the bus under his own power and into a waiting ambulance. Said one of the officers, “When the guy mentioned he was a veteran, thanking him for his service on Veteran’s Day just seemed like the right thing to say and, maybe, it was the thing he needed to hear. The goal on a call like this is for everyone to go home safe and, thankfully, today everybody did.”