Great Work Recognized: Two BPD Officers and One Detective Receive Commissioner’s Commendations

At a recent ceremony held at Boston Police Headquarters, two officers from District D-4 and a detective from District D-14 were honored for their actions during two separate incidents.

COMMENDATION #1:  On November 10th 2015, officers assigned to District D-4 (South End) responded to a radio call for shots fired in the area of Sussex and Warwick Streets.  Officer Darryll Vinson arrived on scene and observed a man clutching his waistband who fled on foot as he approached.  Officer Vinson pursued the suspect and broadcast his description.  Officer Jeffrey Lynch joined the pursuit and stopped the suspect near 600 Shawmut Avenue a short time later.  Responding officers located and recovered a handgun which the suspect had discarded as he fled. 

The actions of the Officers resulted in the identification and arrest of a dangerous felon.  As a result of their quick response, keen observations and due diligence a dangerous criminal armed with a firearm was taken off the streets, which likely prevented an act of violence in the community.

For their efforts they are each awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.

Officers Vinson and Lynch

COMMENDATION #2:  On September 28th, 2015, officers assigned to District D-14 (Brighton) responded to a radio call for a person with a gun in the area of 66 Union Street.  Calls to 9-1-1 provided a description of a suspect, in possession of a handgun.

Detective Todd Hartgrove spotted the suspect on Lyne Road near the playground pointing a firearm at two female victims.  He pulled out his own weapon and pointed it toward the suspect while ordering him to drop his gun.  The suspect, his right hand wavering, shouted back at Detective Hartgrove to shoot him.  After a short standoff, the detective was able to convince the suspect to place his gun on the ground.  The suspect immediately ran and dove into parked car then reached for an unknown object.  Detective Hartgrove grabbed the suspect by the back of his jacket and pulled him from the vehicle, observing an item in the suspect’s hand.   The suspect “bull rushed” Detective Hartgrove with the item in his hand and they both fell to the ground, engaged in a violent struggle.  Several officers arrived on scene and were eventually able to place the combative suspect in custody.  Once under control, officers found that the object retrieved from the motor vehicle was a black folding knife.  The gun was later found to be a pellet gun, altered to look like a real handgun. 

Thanks to his response two women avoided possible injury and a very dangerous individual was removed from the streets of Boston.  For his efforts Detective Hartgrove is hereby awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.