Thank You for Thanking Us: Daughter Sends Words of Gratitude to BPD Officer for Saving Elderly Father

If it seems that lately we have had an increase in this type of social media post, it’s because we have! The Boston Police Department is so fortunate to serve such a great city whose citizens and visitors often take the time out of their busy days to send messages of appreciation when they have positive interactions with our officers. As in any job, these simple words of gratitude make the often-long hours worth the work. Here is the latest thank you note we received via email:

“Yesterday afternoon (Tuesday, December 1, 2015) a concerned citizen apparently called the police about my father's driving, and Boston Police Officer Kat Shea responded. Officer Shea took my father off the highway, spoke to him, learned that he was going to Revere Beach, and that he had gotten lost. The officer saw that he was elderly and confused, so she called an ambulance that took him to Mass General Hospital. She secured his car in a safe place and spent hours on her own cell phone calling my brother and I. She left messages for us on all our telephones, and when she finally reached us, she explained what just happened to our father.

We picked him up from Mass General Hospital and went to where the officer had him leave the car. She saved us from having to get tow slips and paying tow and storage charges.

And, as far as I am concerned, Officer Shea saved his life.

When I told her this, she said that it was her job and that she had an elderly relative.

We are truly grateful for her compassion, sensitivity, and professionalism. You ought to know all of this because my father's beach trip could have gone horribly wrong at any time but for her fast, decisive, and sensitive intervention. You are lucky to have her, and we are lucky that she was right there to take over. 

Thank you for selecting and training such extraordinary people to protect and serve.”