Thank You for Thanking Us!!! Small Gesture Makes Big Impression on Detail Officer in Jamaica Plain

Thank You for Thanking Us!!! Small Gesture Makes Big Impression on Detail Officer in Jamaica Plain: An officer working a construction detail in Jamaica Plain earlier today (December 21, 2015) had an experience that absolutely made his day. According to the officer, a portion of Rossmore Road had to be closed off due to construction on the street and, because of the resulting level of inconvenience, the officer says he was doing his best to be helpful and cordial in an effort to minimize the level of aggravation felt by those who lived in the area. When a resident exited her home and asked if it was okay for her to drive down the street, the officer - with a reassuring smile on his face – quickly responded, “Absolutely. Let me move the cones so that you can get out and if I’m here when you get back – I’ll move them again.” In response, the resident stated that she’d probably be back in an hour and asked the officer if she could bring him a cup of coffee. The officer, although touched by the gesture, politely declined. Approximately two hours later, the detail had ended and the officer, now in his personal car, was driving away from the job site when he heard a car beeping its horn behind him. Hearing the horn, the officer pulled to the side of the road and, within seconds, the resident he had helped earlier ran over to his car, handed him a gift card (see photo) and said, “I know you said you didn’t need a coffee but I wanted you to have one anyway. Thanks for all you guys do. Have a Merry Christmas!!!” To say the officer was touched by the gesture is a significant understatement. Said the officer, “It literally took me a second to process what was going on. You know, as police officers, the large majority of our interactions are negative and confrontational. So, to have an experience like the one I had today absolutely made my day.” So, to the super thoughtful woman in Jamaica Plain who went out of her way to make an officer’s day, we at the BPD say: “Thank you for thanking us. It means more than you know.”