BPD and K-9 Viggo Fulfill Mother and Daughter’s Christmas Wish

On Tuesday, December 15, 2015, an officer at the Boston Police Department received a telephone call from a woman who introduced herself as Sarah Jensen and stated she had an unusual request. Ms. Jensen proceeded to tell the officer that her mother, Aletha, was 96 years old and living in Michigan. Ms. Jensen explained that over the summer, Aletha was watching the news in Michigan when she saw that the BPD had just named their new K-9 “Viggo” after receiving thousands of entries to their dog-naming contest. Aletha took particular interest in this K-9 from across the country because Viggo was the name of her beloved late husband who had passed away in 1997 at age 83. From then on, Aletha would ask her daughter on a daily basis how Viggo the Dog was doing and if she had met him yet.

In a soft-spoken voice, Sarah Jensen continued on, telling the officer on the phone that this year when she opened the Christmas card from her mom, Aletha had yet again written, “Have you met Viggo the Dog yet?” and this is what prompted Sarah to call the Boston Police Department and request to meet the now 5-month-old K-9 in training.

After hearing Ms. Jenson’s story, the officer immediately agreed that a meeting between Sarah and K-9 Viggo had to be arranged so that Sarah could send her mother the picture as a Christmas gift. Viggo’s trainer was onboard as well; so the next day, the officer picked up Ms. Jenson at her house and brought her out to the K-9 unit to meet the pup with the same rare name as her late father!

After meeting Viggo the K-9, Sarah said, “What a Christmas gift this day was—for my mom, yes, but for me, too! Thank you so much to the Boston Police Department. When I asked, I thought it was a long shot that I would get to meet him. I don’t know any other police department that would honor a request like this—only in Boston!” 

Aletha and Viggo Jensen (1996) at their 50th Wedding Anniversary