Great Work Recognized: Commissioner Commendations Presented to Officers from District A-1

Great Work Recognized: Commissioner Commendations Presented to Police Officers Matthew Carey, Jenna Cullity, John Feeney, David Malcolm & Luis Velasquez - At 3:40am, on November 6, 2014, officers were on patrol in the area of Tufts Street and Walford Way when they observed a motor vehicle matching the description of a vehicle wanted in connection to an earlier shooting incident that had resulted in a homicide on Main Street in Charlestown.  The same vehicle was also involved in a hit-n-run accident on Medford Street. Upon seeing the car, which was stopped at a traffic signal, Officer Cullity called off on her location and promptly activated lights and sirens.  Although the suspect’s vehicle remained at the traffic signal, the officer noted the operator failed to place the motor vehicle into park. At this time, Officers Carey and Malcolm showed up on scene and immediately pulled in front of the suspect’s motor vehicle preventing it from fleeing the scene.  

Fearing the presence of a weapon, officers immediately instructed both the operator and passenger of the vehicle to show their hands. However, instead of showing his hands, the operator of the car continued to reach into the back seat. At this time, officers observed a firearm on the floor behind the front seat.  As the suspect continued to move towards the back seat, officers fought to maintain control of the suspect’s hands and arms.  With the arrival of Officers Velasquez and Feeney, Officers Cullity, Carey and Malcolm were able to subdue and arrest both suspects. 

For their remarkable restraint, courage and commitment to protecting and serving the citizens of our city, Officers Velasquez, Feeney, Cullity, Carey and Malcolm are each awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.