Back in the Day with the BPD: Snow Fall from 1940 Pales in Significance when Compared to 2015

Photo courtesy of the Boston public library

Back in the Day with the BPD: The enclosed photo is provided courtesy of the Boston Public Library. The photo – which was taken just about 75 years ago - first appeared in the Herald-Traveler newspaper on February 20, 1940 with a caption reading: Crossing the Tremont Alps. Judging by the photo, in light of our recent historical snow fall which totaled 40.5 inches of snow over a seven day period, it would appear the Tremont Alps of 2015 are slightly more significant than the Tremont Alps of 1940. Also noteworthy - but by no means surprising - is the BPD officer in the photo seen extending a helping hand to a female pedestrian doing her best to navigate the ‘Alps’ in her effort to cross the street in the area of Tremont & Winter Streets.