Thank You for Thanking Us: Area Nurse Thanks BPD Officers for Timely Transportation & Help During Recent Storm

Thank You for Thanking Us: The BPD recently received the enclosed note of appreciation from a nurse at the Brigham & Women's Hospital who wanted to pass along & share the following:
"I just wanted to thank BPD. I am a RN in the trauma OR's at the Brigham and slept at the hospital the last couple of days and am finally home!!! I know and spoke to several nurses and doctors who got rides from BPD officers who stopped to pick them up while they were on foot trying to make their way to BWH. One of the nurses says - after falling in the snow - a car stopped to see if she was okay and then offered her a lift. The person offering the ride was Commissioner Evans!!! Thanks to all of you who helped us be there for our patients and co-workers."